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Lakeville Brewing Co.

Living in the suburbs of Minneapolis doesn't always provide one with the most creative casual dining experiences. This is something husband and wife, Don & Megan Seiler, quickly realized when they moved to Minnesota. They found themselves desiring a place to kick back with a cold one after a long week that was appropriate for families however, a place that had the fun, unique vibe that was so lacking in the southern suburbs of the Twin Cities. It was for these reasons that they teamed up with Executive Chef, Glen Bruestle to start a brewery that offered great food and beer, in addition to a great atmosphere.

Joe & I graduated from Lakeville High Schools in 2007 and throughout high school we both were actively involved in sports and the community. Needless to say, we have an deep rooted love and loyalty for the city of Lakeville. So, when we were asked to build the bar top for a brewery that was opening in our hometown, we were ecstatic to take on the opportunity.

We began the process in search for the right barn wood. Our friend Tim, harvested wood from a barn located in Medford, MN just south of Lakeville. He asked the owner for a little bit of history on the barn and she hand wrote the letter below and sent it to him to give us all a little glimpse into the past and what it was like on this farm in the 1940's:

Using this wood from this dairy barn we constructed a U-shaped bar top for Lakeville Brewing Co. Each cut, dent, nail head we find in the wood is just a testament of the life it has lived thus far that lends character to the wood. After cleaning, sanding, glueing, and more sanding finished it off with epoxy. The epoxy adds a smooth, easy to clean surface that protects the wood from the many beers that are bound to be had and fills in cracks where the old wood has chipped or been worn. See below for some photos on how great the bar top turned out!

Now, who is ready for a BEER!?


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