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Lakes & Legends Brewery

The year 2015 brought many great projects for us to complete here at Beams & Boards, one of our favorites being the Lakes & Legends Brewery. Brother-in-laws, Derrick and Ethan, had a vision in mind of exactly what they wanted their Farmhouse inspired taproom to look like and the laid-back atmosphere it would provide. So, when they approached us to craft custom tables to fit this vision, we were excited for the opportunity to be a part of it. Together we worked on a whole variety of items to fill the space; from tables, bar tops, to counter tops, to shelving. All of which were made out of reclaimed wood from a barn in Owatonna, MN.

The brewery opened in the late fall of 2015. Naturally, we made a trip there once it was completed to enjoy some of the farmhouse ales crafted out of locally sourced ingredients. If you live around Minneapolis and haven't yet checked this place out, we strongly suggest you do!

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