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Who We Are


It's Kristina & Joe Donner - husband and wife for almost a whole year now. Together, we are just begining our adventure that is: Beams & Boards Woodshop. Based out of Prior Lake, Minnesota we are a team that loves to create.

Even growing up, this desire to create things has always been innate. Joe grew up fixing things, going to shop class and tinkering with everything he could. From as early as I can remember, I was drawing, painting, and creating in the majority of my freetime.

As of lately, we have started to realize that we don't have many opportunities to apply this creativity in our everyday lives. To nurture and push ourselves and our talents God has given us to our fullest potential.

Which is why we dreamed up Beams & Boards Woodshop. It is for these very reasons that we have decided to start this little company as an outlet for our creative skills in our day to day schedules. In doing so, we plan to create really awesome stuff and hope to meet even more awesome people along the way.

Follow with us on our journey here, on Instagram or Facebook!

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