Running a small business ain't easy. Thankfully we have family to support us along the way and lend a helping hand from time to time. 
Meet the man behind the saw aka "The Woodmaster". Joe runs the shop day in and day out, making sure the orders are built on time and up to our high quality standards. If things aren't looking up to par, he has been known to start over. In his spare time, Joe enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with the family. 
Yes, she can run the saw and build right along with The Woodmaster himself. However, having a fulltime job outside of the shop doesn't allow her to do so
most days. So, she is usually the one behind the emails, postings, and design sketches for the business. Most weekends she enjoys time with the family, boating on the lake and trips to the farmers market.
A "woodmaster" in-the-making, Forrest started lending a hand in the shop when his sister, Kristina was pregnant. He jumped in head first and has helped out on many of our large projects. Also a huge fan of the outdoors, many weekends he can be found at the lake fishing, or hanging with his wife and their two pups.